Blog entry by Rod Erwin

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The organisation I work with is a major contractor to the Underground Coal Mining Industry both in Qld and NSW. The company has recently delved into the ground consolidation work performed within underground coal where this is required for the continuance of mining operations. It requires the storage, transport and use of chemical that are both Hazardous and Dangerous in reasonable large quantities. Within the chain of use the highest likelihood of a spill is whilst the chemicals are in transit, although non compatible chemicals are transported separately there is still serious issues around a spill of either of the two parts. Due to the nature of the coal mining industry and minimal number of licenses to use these products in the underground environment communications around incidents within the industry of an incident would (and have done in the past) have a seriously detrimental effect on the company in a few ways: - The reputation of the company as a reliable and safe user of the products would be seriously damaged. - Licensing requirements both for the use and transport of the product could be affected. The organisation uses a separate business division to transport the product so there would be adverse publicity for both. - The share price may also be affected adversely.