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by Rod Erwin - Tuesday, 25 August 2015, 5:09 AM
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With the business i work within being a contractor to the big mine owners there are specific (and many) requirements made of us contractually not the least of which are our environmental responsibilities and accountabilities. As far as the general workforce goes there are obviously Environmental requirements e.g. reporting of spills, correct storage etc however on a day to day basis maintaining the focus of the workforce on their work duties, including Safety requirements and Environmental responsibilities is difficult at times. With strict monitoring and regular auditing taking place the workforce is aware of environmental requirements but it is difficult for them to become involved in the continuous improvement we re looking for. The company has incentives and initiatives around Safety and Environment and when these are in progress there is much effort placed by all, however the focus falls away as Management implements something different. To maintain the general workforces commitment to the continual improvement is the main difficulty in the EMS.