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Boracay, Phillipines 2012
by Marc Chatt - Tuesday, 3 September 2013, 12:08 PM
Anyone in the world

The Ichthys LNG construction project is a multi national funded project predominantly through Japanese based companies. The largest stake holder is the INPEX a Japanese owned corporation. 

As with all Japanese traditions maintaining face and being seen to be doing the right thing has a major impact on activities. If there were to be an incident on the project the detriment to company image would be there high. The Japanese take great pride in their work ethics and efforts. 

INPEX has a 40 year plan for the gas reserves in the Ichthys Gas Development Area north of Broome off the Western Australia coast. The loss of reputation and Japanese pride would ne far more costly than share price dive. The Northern Territory community would not forget if a spill resulted in the Harbour or many esturies surrounding the site.